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Scoping out small-time musicians in the Big Apple and some insight into favorite surfacing songs and artists of Recorded Music student Veronica Wyman.

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I can’t tell if this song is referencing drugs, sex, all of the above, or none of the above.

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The Daft Punk Tron Soundtrack is wayyyyyy koool. The whole thing is on spotify, put it on and smoke some shisha, practice tai chi, or do your dishes—-it srsly doesnt matter IT’S JUST AWESOME. I havnt even seen the movie, i just know the soundtrack is dope. There are some pretty cool remixes on soundcloud too. 

6.25.2012 |

Virgins new two-track singles disc Venus In Chains just released at the end of May. I wish they would come out with more stuff already! They remind me a lot of a 2000’s new wave/Talking Heads, which ovis im super down for. 

Also listen to “Slave to You”—other track on disc. 
Hint: Album cover isn’t so blurry in person.  

6.20.2012 |

Seattle’s Night Beats have psychedelic-soul garage sound that I don’t find enough of around the city. Lee Blackwell’s (Lead Guit & vocals) roots are from Dallas, Texas, and his sound goes all the way back to the roots of r&b—two things I totally love.

Stream the rest of their EP H-Bomb. Night Beats is on the road right now and will be in Brooklyn @Knitting Factory August 6!!! 

(Source: Spotify)

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Glacier Music……literally, instruments carved from glaciers

In 2006, Norwegian musician, composer and percussionist Terje Isungset founded the world’s first ice music festival complete with harps, guitars, drums, and fiddles, just to name a few, carved from 600-year-old glacial ice. 

“The instruments are made from top quality ice. It must be free of any air bubbles. The instruments are carved using saws and knives. So far these instruments have been created and recorded: Iceofon, Ice Harp, Ice Horn, Ice trumpet, Ice percussion, Ice bass drum carved from one block of ice. In addition, all stands, supports and tables are also made from ice. Only the bass drum pedal, fish line for suspension, and the strings on the Ice Harp are made from materials other than pure frozen water.” - Isungset

Check out the vid I just posted to hear more. 

6.7.2012 |

"Call Me Maybe" Ben Howard 

Acceptable version of “Call Me Maybe.” And an even more acceptable video. 

6.4.2012 |

Bobby Womack - Dayglo Reflection (feat. Lana Del Rey) (by XLRecordings)

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Port St. Willow - Amawalk

When Nick Principe opens his mouth to sing, a slow fog spills out and covers the land with mist. It’s morning, you’re watching it swirl between the pines, filling your lungs.

Do not hesitate to go vibe out to his brand new record Holiday LP available now on his Bndcmp. Gorgeous stuff.

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